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Cst - Milano

Cst has been supplying sheared and printed components to Italian and European companies since 1979.

Our products are cold molded from iron, stainless steel, aluminum and brass sheets.

Our aim is to transform your designs and ideas into perfectly manufactured items.

We manufacture for most industry sectors: especially those where quality, experience and attention to detail are required .

Our major expertise is in the manufacture of small to medium-sized complex forms, for example components for domestic appliances.

Our components are also used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, where grade 316 stainless steel is required.


We build molds for shearing, pressing, deep drawing, folding, cold forging and assembling of sheet components, from simple to complex designs.

Our construction and production departments are equipped with a fleet of machines that can confidently deal with any type of manufacturing requirement.

The tonnage of our mechanical presses ranges from 10 to 350 tons,  and up to 600 tons for the hydraulic presses.

Our deep drawing process can achieve depths of up 500 mm, with annealing.

We work with both Italian and international companies.



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